Here we go again! Another list of amazing podcasts for you to subscribe to, share around and hopefully get stuck in to. So, let’s get right to it!

Your Favourite Band Sucks

A podcast that believes that every band is overrated! Every episode your hosts, Mark and Tyler, attempt to pick apart a different and and explain exactly why they suck. From Led Zepplin, to The Smiths, to Bon Jovi; They’ve covered it all. Get ready to defend your favourites as they aim to tell you exactly why, Your Favourite Band Sucks!

Listen Here: Your Favourite Band Sucks

Strange Talk

This title is pretty self-explanatory, but this podcast is all about strange goings on. Murders, conspiracies, ghost stories and odd 911 calls, Strange Talk covers everything! For some strange stories and possibly a few frights along the way, definitely give this one a listen. We think the best way to listen to this one is in the dark after everyone has gone to sleep with your headphones on. It makes every strange and scary story, suck you in just that little bit more!

Listen here: Strange Talk

Passion Project

What would you do if you had infinite time, money and resources? That’s the big question that host, Nathan Blades, is asking to his guests! Join different LGBT+ creators and artists as they talk about their own work, how they find inspiration to create, and what their passion project would be if they had all the time and money in the world.

Listen here: Passion Project

Just a Bit Outside

Are you a sports person? Well then this podcast is definitely one to add to your subscription list! Join your hosts, Charles, Preston and Parker, on the couch as they discuss the latest in the world of sports! Everything from NBA to NFL, this podcast has it covered in one big roundup of the latest news and headlines, as well as some little anecdotes and interviews along the way.

Listen here: Just a Bit Outside

Crazy Train of Thought

Ever have those moments where you think of one thing, and then jump to another thought, and then another, and then end up at some random thought that is barely linked to where you were at the beginning? Join your hosts as they chat about all things pop culture, movies, video games and more! Weekly rants covering various topics from within the world of popular culture, but done in a very random (and hilarious!) fashion. All aboard!

Listen here: Crazy Train of Thought

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