You can never have too many podcasts! So here we are again with a bunch more for you to add to that subscription list! It’s time to pull out your phones and get ready. Here are our latest Podcasts of the Week.

The Most Amazing Story Ever

Dramatic, dark, and captivating, The Most Amazing Story Ever, focuses on Sam, as he struggles against his inner demon, Malice, who wants nothing more than to bring devastation and pain to the world. Written by Brian Taylor, this series is narrated similar to an audiobook, but with tremendously high production on it making it super gripping from start to finish!

Listen here: The Most Amazing Story Ever

These 4 Walls

We all need a little help in life sometimes. An informative, funny look at mental health and different life experiences. Laugh, cry and join in with a conversation that’s as real as it gets. But definitely make sure you remember not to take life too seriously. That’s no fun for anyone!

Listen here: These 4 Walls

Fairy Cocktails

Do you like fairytales? Do you like cocktails? Well in that case, you should definitely check out Fairy Cocktails! Join MJ and Angela, as they discuss those fairytales we all know so well. Or do we? Grab a drink and listen in, the truths behind some of these fairytales may shock you!

Listen here: Fairy Cocktails


Available in both French and English, comes Travelcast! A great podcast all about digital travel economy and technology. Join, Naully Nicholas, as he chats to different experts from the travel, tourism and hospitality industries about the latest goings on in the world of travel!

Listen here: Travelcast

True Tales of Enlightenment

Straight from the Scottish Highlands comes True Tales of Enlightenment. Become enlightened in the modern era, as they combine current affairs news stories, with spiritual teachings and philosophical thoughts. Join in the in depth discussion on many different stories and aspects of life, and get enlightened!

Listen here: True Tales of Enlightenment

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