It’s us! Surprise! It’s time for another list of awesome podcasts for you to get stuck into. Grab your coffee (or other hot beverage of your choice) and make sure you're sat somewhere comfy. We hope you’re ready for this.

Simple Beauty

Beauty is not about what’s on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that matters. Join your host, MissAugust, as she chats about a different topic every single week to do with inner beauty. From friendships, to makeup, to taking accountability for things, the topics are pretty varied but always focused back in on the importance of realising your inner beauty.

Listen here: Simple Beauty

The Review Show

The clue is in the name! The Review Show is a podcast that will basically review anything. Yes, anything. Fast food places, musicals, naked cleaners, and more! Sound like fun? It definitely is. With plenty of laughs along the way, this is a great one to listen to for some cheering up on a gloomy April morning.

Listen here: The Review Show

Beyond 6 Seconds

Extraordinary stories from everyday people. Beyond 6 seconds lets these normal people share their tales of inspiration, struggle, creativity, and how they came to be where they are in life right now. They also encourage listeners to support these interviewees in whatever way they can so that their stories can continue to evolve! Pretty cool, right?

Listen here: Beyond 6 Seconds

Foolish Academy

Class is in session! Welcome to Foolish Academy, a fantastic comedy podcast! Get ready for plenty of laughs and fun with this one. Join Cammons, Sammyboy and a few other friends as they discuss high school stories, movie reviews, and a few more random topics too! Another one to lift up your mood on a dreary April morning.

Listen here: Foolish Academy


In March 2018, 19 days of terror fell on Austin, Texas. 23 year old, Anthony Conditt, planted a series of homemade bombs around the area, causing injuries to 5, killing 2, and panicking an entire city. Bomber aims to show you how the law enforcement managed to hunt down the serial bomber and put an end to this cycle of terror. A gripping listen.

Listen here: Bomber

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