We’re back again with another roundup of our #PodcastOfTheDay choices from this week! Let's get it started.

1. Swindled

True stories of “white-collar crime and corporate greed” told in a story-like fashion with fantastic soundscapes. Each episode is a new story, focused on a new crime and a new person. Even the episode descriptions are written like mini stories instead of including criminals names and the facts of the case.

Listen here: Swindled

2. Friends 'Til The End

Does it feel like you’re always stuck in second gear? Well, why not join Friends Fanatic, Michael Clancy, as he takes Friends newbie, Elizabeth, through every episode of the show. Each podcast episode features a hilarious discussion about one episode of Friends. They’re halfway through season 5 right now, so join in the fun. They’ll be there for you.

Listen here: Friends ‘Til The End

3. Affirmation Podcast

Ever feel like you could do with some positive vibes in your life? The Affrimation Podcast, hosted by Josie Ong, is here to give you that boost you’re after. Encouraging positive self talk, each episode ranges from about 5 minutes to 30 seconds, making these positive affirmations easy to fit into your busy schedule. Try giving them a listen just as you wake up and get ready for the day.

Listen here: Affirmation Podcast

4. Late to the Party

“Social issues and social events as seen by the socially awkward…” Join hosts, Vonnie V and Lady Aces as they discuss life and its events, while navigating their own thoughts and feelings surrounding them. They’re only on episode 2 at the moment, but there is certainly plenty more on the way from these two lovely ladies, so listen out for them every Friday!

Listen here: Late to the Party

5. Your Brain on Facts

An educational podcast bringing you “things you didn’t know and things you thought you knew”. Host, Moxie LaBouche, takes you through some interesting nuggets of information with guests almost every episode and some seriously interesting topics. To name a few, the history of tattoos, secret towns and all about mummies, and of course there’s much more than that. With new episodes roughly every week, this is a seriously fun and interesting listen.

Listen here: Your Brain on Facts

BONUS! Cryptonaturalist

Written by Jarod Anderson, Cryptonaturalist is a podcast drama series that features strange fictional nature in every episode. They always make everything sound so real it’s terrifyingly convincing sometimes. Featuring new guest voices every episode, such as, Adal Rifai from Hello From the Magic Tavern, Justin McElroy from The Adventure Zone, and many more. They also have a regular poetry section, Hidden Lore, where they read a submitted poem.

Listen here: Cryptonaturalist

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