Here we go again! We’ve had another week of awesome picks for Podcast of the Day, but just in case you missed on of them on our social media (@podcastdotco), here’s a good old round up.

3D Escape Room: Frequency

Locked in a possibly crazy, old man’s trailer in the middle of nowhere, you have to try and solve all the puzzles thrown at you in under 60 minutes. If not...well...things could get pretty bad! Make sure you have your headphones in to fully experience the awesome 3D audio. While you’re at it, why not try and beat the fastest time from our team at 44 minutes?

Listen here: 3D Escape Room: Frequency

Small Town Dicks

Want a true crime fix? We gotcha! Join Yeardley Smith and Zibby Allen, as they talk to identical twin detectives, Dave and Dan, about some of the cases they’ve had to investigate during their careers in Small Town, USA. There’s a pretty varied mix of stories, interjected with clips from 911 calls and interrogations that just make the podcast shine!

Listen here: Small Town Dicks

Cigarettes and Rocket Fuel

Sit back, and listen as fictional radio station KHCN-AM 4747 takes you through a dramatisation of the infamous US - Soviet, “Space Race”. They cover the entirety of NASA’s 1969 space mission, as well as providing both local Houston news, and national news too! “Come for the Apollo drama. Stay for the 39-cent bacon.”

Listen here: Cigarettes and Rocket Fuel

The Familiar Strange

Ready for a pretty niche podcast? The Familiar Strange is a podcast that focuses on anthropology. That would be the study of human beings and our culture, including the interaction between human and machine, loneliness and the human mind, and even anthropology on people that are no longer alive. Definitely an interesting and informative listen.

Listen here: The Familiar Strange

Explain Like I’m 5

Inspired and made possible by the Reddit community, Explain Like I’m 5, aims to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, and then answer them in a super easy to understand way. Ever wanted to know how alcohol makes you drunk? Or what makes super glue different from regular glue? Give this one a listen to find out all the answers!

Listen here: Explain Like I’m 5

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