Want some more? We know you do! Well here are 5 more amazing podcasts for you to get stuck into this week. Warning: There's a few leftover spooky ones from Halloween season!

Happy Face

Back in the 1990's, there rose a serial killer that people called Happy Face, so named because of the smiley faces he drew on letters to the media. This podcast centres on his daughter, Melissa Moore, and her investigation into her fathers crimes, his mental state, the chase he kept up with the authorities, and her determination to find something better than this awful legacy her father left behind.

Listen here: Happy Face

And That's Why We Drink

A fan of the paranormal? Creepy goings-on? What about true crime? Horror stories based in reality? Well this podcast is perfect for you! Listen to hosts, Christine Schiefer and Em Schultz, as they tell some haunting ghost stories, and horrific true crime stories, as well as down a drink or two. The world can definitely be a scary place, and this podcast does everything it can to prove that!

Listen here: And That's Why We Drink

The Halloween Podcast

Do you live for Halloween? Miss it every time it's gone? Have a countdown on your phone just waiting until the next one? Well these guys definitely do! This podcast is a celebration of Halloween 365 days a year, released 4 days a week and discussing everything scary! They cover everything you can think of, from horror movies, to Halloween themed sitcom episodes, they've done it all!

Listen here: The Halloween Podcast

Lie Hard With A Vengence

After all that Halloween horror, maybe you want something funny instead? Well this podcast is perfect for that! Welcome to a British Comedy Gameshow, where two guys each read out two lies and one truth each. They then have to try and find the one true statement, through questioning and much laughter. Join the fellas for a bunch of laughs, and why not try and join in yourself?

Listen here: Lie Hard With A Vengence

Tai Asks Why

And finally to bring you even further out of the dark, scariness that is Halloween season, we have this delight! Join 11 year old Tai, as he asks life's biggest questions and tries to find answers to all of them. A wonderful spin on philosophy, Tai asks some pretty big questions, like:
What is love? What can we do to stop climate change? What happens to us after we die?

Listen here: Tai Asks Why

That's the end! Don't be too upset about that though, there's another one coming next week! Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on that. Also, check out our social media (@podcastdotco) to get ahead of the crowd and see our Podcast of the Day picks before they hit the weekly blog post!

See you next week! 😊

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