It’s the first Monday in December! We’ve got a list of amazing podcasts to help launch you right into this new month. So let’s get it started!

Your 3 Stories

A really interesting take on audio drama series. Your 3 Stories is presented by a mysterious host and each series consists of, you guessed it, three different stories which are all linked by a strange theme. Some seriously great voice acting, accompanied by humorous scriptwriting and a decent amount of sound design, this podcast will not disappoint!

Listen here: Your 3 Stories


Everyone loves a good villain, right? We all enjoy those movies where good triumphs over evil. But nobody ever really focuses on the bad guys… Well Shea Serrano is changing that! In Villains, Shea explores some of the most well-known, and frankly terrifying in some cases, movie villains, and asks questions like, can you sympathize with Hannibal Lecter?...Well can you?

Listen here: Villains


Speaking on things we love, who doesn’t love a good list?! In 10(ish), we join hosts Brandon and Nick, as they countdown different Top 10(ish) lists of various different things. They’ve covered everything, from baby names, to U.S. Presidents, to most visited websites, to serial killers! Oh and trust us, there’s some pretty good laughs along the way!

Listen here: 10(ish)

Motivation and Confidence

The clue is in the title with this one! Hosted by Tom Danger, the aim of Motivation and Confidence is to help you deal with your everyday life and to be the best you can be. Each episode focuses on a different, extremely relatable, issue like negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, and even productivity, and then talks about the best way to deal with these things. Super helpful and super entertaining, definitely one to keep downloaded on your phone!

Listen here: Motivation and Confidence

Workr Beeing

The workplace can be a pretty stressful place for some. Sometimes you feel like the smallest thing can really stress you out for no reason. Well, Workr Beeing is here to help you deal with everyday life in the workplace. Patricia and Katina, discuss well-being in the workplace and talk to leading experts in the field about various topics like, dealing with mistakes, managing emotions, and dealing with workplace bullies (it happens!). 

Listen here: Workr Beeing

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