It's been another week of amazing podcasts and we're back to give you even more suggestions for what you should be listening to! Let's get it started!

A Gay and a NonGay

Hosted by James Barr and Dan Hudson, this podcast aims to prove that Gays and "NonGays" can easily be friends because, guess what? We're all human! Featuring plenty of funny anecdotes and a look at all our differences, you'll be hooked before you realise it. It's not the UK's BIGGEST LGBT+ podcast for no reason you know?

Listen here: A Gay and a NonGay

36 Questions

Did you ever read that article about the 36 questions you're supposed to ask someone to fall in love with them? This podcast musical is split into 3 acts and focuses on a husband and wife as they try to rekindle their relationship, or end it for good. A fantastically unique podcast that is well worth a listen!

Listen here: 36 Questions

What's the Frequency?

Want some new creepy content to listen to? What's The Frequency focuses on a town where all the radio signals but one have been distorted beyond recognition, and even then the remaining some suffers from occasional interruptions from, "The Voice". Join the search for the missing writer, through a city slipping into madness...

Listen here: What's the Frequency?

Berkhamsted Revisited

It's pretty much guaranteed that we all did some pretty embarrassing and awkward things when we were younger. In this podcast, Laura revisits her teenage years by reading through her diary she kept at the time. An entertaining look back at those awkward years, MSN, boys, MySpace and awkward parties.

Listen here: Berkhamsted Revisited

The Productivity Show

Created by Asian Efficiency, a company that started "as an inside joke" between some Americans who noticed the efficiency their Asian friends had with regards to getting things done. There's always something interesting to take away from each episode of this podcast, whether it's how to set goals and meet them, keep fitness levels good or working from home.

Listen here: The Productivity Show

And that's all for this week! Remember to keep an eye on our social media for your regular Podcast of the Day, as well as some inspirational quotes and interesting facts!

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