Welcome to this week's amazing Podcasts of the Week post! We’ve got some really cool ones lined up for this week so get your podcast apps open and get ready to add some new podcasts to your subscribe list. Here we go!

The Deca Tapes

Some recordings have surfaced of ten people trapped in the same space together. But where are they? Who are they? How did they get there? The answers must be somewhere in these tapes. Keep searching. An awesome eight-part audio drama full of mystery and suspense. A definite must for any audio drama fans!

Listen here: The Deca Tapes


We all have that one strange thing we saw on TV or the internet as kids and were absolutely terrified of! Labyrinth and those strange puppets, or maybe Roald Dahl’s, The Witches, and that Grand High Witch? We’ve got shivers already! Join Erin and Jason as they discuss various childhood movies, TV shows and more that, while being a cherished childhood memory, also turned out to be pretty terrifying.

Listen here: Traumatized


Another true crime podcast? You betcha! We just can’t get enough! But this one has a few conspiracy theories and alien abduction stories thrown in too! Grab a beer and join in the fun as the guys discuss different serial killers and what got them caught in the end, alien abductions like that of Travis Walton, and way more!

Listen here: Necronomipod


Like photography and videography? You’ll love this podcast! Join professional photographers, Wayne Johns and Jake Hicks, as they interview various well-known photographers and videographers from around the world. A mix of funny stories, useful tips and personal stories of their experiences makes up every episode.

Listen here: Podlamania

The Open Minded Skeptic

Keeping it short and sweet, but SUPER interesting is The Open Minded Skeptic. Interviews with interesting people who function outside of the societal norm, dives into conspiracies, deeper looks into paranormal stories, and all within 10 minute episodes! Perfect for that car journey to work, or if you just need a podcast to binge.

Listen here: The Open Minded Skeptic

That’s all for our podcast roundup! What do you think? Any podcasts in here that you reckon you’ll start listening to? Or are you a fan of some of these already? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you’d like to become one of our Podcasts of the Week, check out the box below. Until next week!

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