A Pinch and a punch, it’s the first of the month! And we’re back with some more fantastic podcasts for you to enjoy. Here we go!

Pessimists Archive

Honestly a really interesting one to start us off. Pessimists Archive looks at times in history when people have feared new technology, and then tries to understand that fear and apply it to now. An example would be the latest episode where they look at those who were originally opposed to the subway system in America, and why they might have been so against the idea.

Listen here: Pessimists Archive

Endless Thread

Most of us on the internet will know what Reddit is, but for those who don’t, this podcast is a fantastic introduction. Join Ben Brock Johnson and Amory Sivertson, as they delve deep into some of the more interesting threads on Reddit. Personal stories, discussions, revelations, cat videos, and all at about 30 mins long each episode making it the perfect length to listen to in a quick coffee break from work.

Listen here: Endless Thread

Beef and Dairy Network

Not what it sounds like! This is a fantastic comedy podcast from the wonderful, Ben Partridge, delivered perfectly straight as if it is a serious podcast about everything bouvine. With various interviews, adverts and fan mail, including trying to prove Jesus was actually a cow, beef specific dating apps, and rare pygmy cows. We’re already hooked!

Listen here: Beef and Dairy Network


Want to know more about Arts and Entertainment jobs? Leanne Schulz has you covered! Giglanders is all about learning about the different jobs in the arts and entertainment field, like Actors, Directors, Stage Managers, Set Designers, etc. You learn all about what it takes to have these jobs and keep them, the attitude you need to have towards the work, and hear individual accounts of what it’s like to work these jobs from people in industry. Very interesting!

Listen here: GigLanders

What Did You Do That For?

A podcast all about people who have turned their lives around after breaking the law or people who just go through life a little differently to other people. At the moment, this podcast is still relatively new with only 3 episodes released, but all are absolutely fascinating. The personal stories that come out of this podcast are incredible to listen to, from ex-prisoners, to peace-makers, to musicians getting started in the industry.

Listen here: What Did You Do That For?

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