It’s no April Fools, we’re back again with another selection of awesome podcasts for you to browse through. Why not stick around? Grab a coffee? Join us for an awesome weeks worth of podcasts to kick off April!

Starting 11

One for the football lovers out there! Starting 11 is a fun football focused podcast, which gets a team of footie enthusiasts to pick their starting 11 line-up based on certain criteria. Inspirational Captains? Bearded players? Best banter? You could also pick your own top 11 and see how yours match up with the lads choices!

Listen here: Starting 11

Let’s Watch Horror

Time to get a little spooky! Let’s Watch Horror is a podcast on everything horror! Join Rob, Roo, and Manny, as they go through some old classics and modern wonders of the horror movie world, including, American Psycho, Baghead, The Sanctuary, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This definitely isn’t one for the faint of heart!

Listen here: Let’s Watch Horror

Wuthering’s: A Serious Comedy

Time for a good audio drama! Wuthering’s is a comedy audio drama series set in Wuthering’s cake shop in London. A six-part series 1 is currently still being published, so join Mr Wuthering, Emily Richpin, and Jack Hatton, as they try to contend with contemporary life….Oh, and a 17th Century ghost.

Listen here: Wuthering’s: A Serious Comedy

The Moment When…

Get inspired! Hosted by Belinda Lams, That Moment When puts the spotlight on some pretty pivotal moments in people's lives and how they’ve dealt with those moments. Every guest invited on has a story to share, about the hardships they’ve struggled through, or major breakthroughs they’ve had in their lives. Seriously moving stuff!

Listen here: That Moment When…

Bidwell Hollow

Bidwell Hollow is a podcast that focuses on true, yet little-known stories about the lives of the worlds writers and poets. Plenty of interesting facts, fun features, poetry and more. Released every Wednesday, you'll always have something to add some brightness to that midweek dip. Perfect for literary lovers everywhere, grab a nice cup of tea or coffee and dive right in!

Listen here: Bidwell Hollow

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