We’ve all grown up with TV, radio, and newspapers being a big part of our everyday lives, but things have changed. We now consume media in loads of different ways. Podcasts have quickly become one of the best ways to access our favourite content as it's now quicker and easier than ever, but surprisingly there are loads more podcast benefits you might not know.

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1. Listeners Are Spoilt for Choice

TV or radio often have a select number of channels with curated content scheduled for the week. If there’s nothing that interests you then tough luck! Podcasts, on the other hand, let you listen to what you want, when you want, and wherever you want.

Radio, music, and podcasts are all now accessible on the go!

2. Podcasts Are Free from Bias (Sort Of)

The biggest podcast benefits are those that untether what you can do and say. Traditional media like TV and radio is often restricted by heavy regulation. What you choose to consume has to abide by strict rules, which means you're not getting the full story.

Podcasts are unregulated and don’t need to answer to big organisations, so you’re more likely to get the whole uncut truth without any restriction of bias. That means podcasters can dedicate more time to presenters to share their opinions, knowledge, and stories without having to answer to "the powers that be".

Take the political podcast Pod Save America featuring former staff from the Obama administration. It’s unusual that you’d get the political opinions of these people in larger media, especially in a relaxed format like this one.

Pod Save America, a political podcast featuring the Obama administration.

3. Listeners Are Consuming Content Differently

According to Edison Research, 42% of people listen to podcasts over other forms of audio sources like radio, YouTube, and even owned music whilst on their phone.

42% of people listen to podcasts.

Audio is slowly becoming the best place to consume content, whether that's news, entertainment, or educational. Podcasts are at the forefront and offering people choices about where and what devices they listen to their favourite content.

4. Building Relationships with Personalised Stories

Podcasts are nothing new, but it's only recently that we've seen more personalised stories. Take Small Town Murder, a podcast about two comedians investigating a murder. The hosts craft well-told stories and deliver them regularly to keep listeners focussed. Week after week, they connect with their audience and build relationships.

Small Town Murder adding a comedic spin on horrific crimes.

Personal relationships like these mean listeners feel closer, as though they're part of the conversation. Creators get a good insight into the minds of their listeners, making them more responsive to sell merchandise or promote sponsors. 

According to Edison Research, the majority of listeners are more likely to consider the brand advertised on podcasts over traditional media. That's why top-earning podcasters like Chapo Trap House are earning over $125,000/pcm!

5. Podcasts Are Changing the Game (for the Better)

Traditional media is slow to change. Most things are planned, filmed, recorded, and written months in advance. That means it can often take years before things are changed, by that point the show or feature may have been axed or morphed into something entirely.

Popular celebrities are starting their own podcast!

Podcasts change and adapt all the time. If something’s not working in one episode, then it can be modified or scrapped by the next. That's why well-known celebrities are ditching traditional media in favour of podcasting as it allows them to control their content and change what they see fit, take Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin, Under The Skin with Russell Brand, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, and The Joe Rogan Experience.

Podcast Benefits on the Rise

Make no mistake: TV, radio, and other forms of traditional media are not going anywhere, but that doesn't mean there aren't better ways to share content.

Since podcasts have burst onto the scene, we've seen new ways to tell stories, engage with listeners, and grow to new heights. Podcast benefits and the future of how we consume media is looking more audio-focused, the future is looking more pod-tastic!

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