Whether you've started your own podcast or haven't quite made the leap yet, having a chat with like-minded people is a brilliant way to get give you some ideas. So we decided to have a Manchester podcast meetup and bring in the podcasting community to chat and show off our new recording studio.

What was the Manchester Podcast Meetup About?

So these podcasters meetups, what are they all about? Well, it's a chance for people in the local podcasting community to get together, share ideas and support each other. We heard so many amazing ideas for podcasts yet to be created, and interesting concepts from podcasters who are already up and running. Plenty of people let us know the tips and tricks that they use to get their podcast sounding better, noticed online, or just tips for finding the motivation to start!

I Wasn't There! What Happened?

For those who were unable to make it, here's a quick summary of what happened at our first ever meetup! We showed everyone around our brand new Podcast Studio, which you can actually find out more about right here.

Showing off the podcasting studio.

After the brief tours were done, everyone grabbed a drink and we moved on to a couple of talks. We had a talk from our very own James Mulvany, CEO of Podcast.co, about the Podcast Studio and about what Podcast.co hopes to achieve going forward as we grow.

Demonstrating how the studio works.

Then, we heard from Bex, host of the Tech For Good podcast, who talked a bit about how our lovely Podcast Studio has made recording her podcast easier, and about how far Tech For Good has come during its existence.

Bex from Tech for Good giving a talk about podcasting.

Finally, we had a talk from three staff of Podcast.co, Mike, Jamie, and Laura, about coming up with an idea or concept for your Podcast. They went over how you should think about starting planning for your podcast and answered a few audience questions too!

Delicious pizza 🍕

After all that talking, we all dug into some well-deserved pizza and got chatting about our podcasts or ideas for podcasts yet to come!

Everyone mingling and discussing ideas.

Will There Be Another One?

We don't have a set date yet, but yes there will be another meetup! We will probably aim to hold one of these every 2 - 3 months. Keep your eyes peeled on the Manchester Podcast Meetup page on the website Meetup and on our social media as we'll be posting all the details there closer to the time.

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