It seems that just about everybody and their dog are starting a podcast. Whether it's useful tips on how to improve yourself with The Productivity Show or just downright weird things with Everything is Alive, there's a show covering just about everything. That's why Manchester Digital are starting a podcast focused on technology in the region of Greater Manchester, UK.

Who Are Manchester Digital?

Manchester Digital is comprised of over 500 companies, freelancers, organisations, and individuals committed to developing a better industry in Greater Manchester, UK. They regularly meet, learn, and grow together, with a strong emphasis on building a code of conduct for others to follow.

If you're a tech professional based in the north of England, then it's worth checking out their job listings. They also do a few other things worth checking out like run events and offer services like apprenticeships.

Why Manchester Digital Are Starting a Podcast

They say knowledge is power, which is why Manchester Digital are getting inviting innovators and tech professional from the north west of the UK for roundtable discussions to see what other people are doing.

Manchester Digital recording an episode.

With the help of, Manchester Digital are producing their own podcast. By being their from the start, right the way through to the finish, are helping out with strategy, recording, editing and publishing.

"I think the podcast will really open up new doors for us in terms of better ways to communicate with our members, better ways for the wider community to find out what our members are up to, and what we're doing. Plus, it's nice piece of content to have on the website as well."

Listen for yourself to see how Manchester Digital got on with their very first podcast!

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