Over the last few years, we’ve seen the appearance of quite a few legal podcasts: Legal Current, Thinking Like a Lawyer, and Happy Lawyer, Happy Life, to name a few. With the rise of legal podcasts in mainstream media, we decided to have a chat with the host of Debrief, Nigel Poole QC, and talk about how starting a podcast is helping Kings Chambers.

Debrief: A Kings Chambers Podcast

Debrief was created by the medical negligence team at Kings Chambers, a leading barristers chambers in the UK. They decided to create a podcast because traditional methods of marketing for barristers just seemed very outdated in today's tech-savvy environment. Debrief was designed to give “lawyers and non-lawyers alike” an insight into what’s going on in the field, without the complicated lawyer mumbo-jumbo!

Traditional ways of marketing for barristers is either going through solicitors offices, giving a presentation, or by writing articles. It seemed to us that podcasts had an advantage over all that!

- Nigel Poole (Kings Chambers)

Why Law Firms Need a Legal Podcast

Besides from Kings Chambers, Legal Current, and many other legal podcasts out there, there's never been a better time to start your own. Why? Because podcasts are fast becoming a new and easy way for you to share information. Whether it's mostly for internal purposes or to share with your potential clients, there's no denying that podcasts are the best place to be right now!

Kings Chambers in action at the Podcast.co Studio!

Still not sure? Here are a few good reasons why your law firm needs to start a podcast.

  • Condense Info: Turn big cases into small, easily digestible episodes for listeners to get all the information they need without rifling through VERY long documents!
  • Easy Brand Marketing: Get your law firm's name out there by sharing your podcast on socials and on your website.
  • Reach Potential Clients: Plant a subconscious seed into listeners who might be looking for legal advice further down the road. 
  • Humanise Your Law Firm: Podcasts are a very intimate medium, so listeners will be able to get a feel for the real people behind the job titles.

    At the end of the day, legal podcasts are a great way for you to showcase what your law firm is up to in a fun and easy to listen to way. At Podcast.co, we help law firms like Kings Chambers by taking away all the technical hurdles. If you're in need of editing, a place to record your podcast, or anything else, then be sure to head over to our Podcast Services.

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