What is The Federation?

Started up over a year ago, The Federation is an open community of digital businesses and freelance workers backed by the Co-op. With space for up to 30 companies within its walls and 7 floors of open office space, the aim of Federation is to encourage tech companies to be more ethical, communicate with and support each other.

About the Working Spaces

So what working spaces do Federation actually offer? The answer is plenty! On each floor they have individual suites, for if you just want a space for your company only to go and work, as well as big open spaces with plenty of desks.

The podcast studio in The Federation building.

On these open desks, you can keep one as a permanent workspace, leave your stuff there and have a little station to work from, or you can operate a flexi-desk, where you come in and use the space a few times a month or so if that suits you better. They also offer large meeting rooms and event spaces that anyone can use as long as they rent them out.

What About Podcast.co?

You might be wondering, why are we even talking about Federation? Well, that’s where our brand new Podcast Studio is based! The Podcast.co Podcast Studio is available to hire right now and is all set up and ready to go. You don’t really need any technical knowledge; You can just step in, find the recording template on the provided Mac and then hit record!

Complete podcast studio in the Co-op Federation.

The Studio is available to hire to both tenants of The Federation, as well as anyone outside of it that wants a way to create high-quality podcast recordings. Find out more about the Podcast Studio below.

Who Else Is There?

If you’ve found yourself asking what companies actually use an open community like this, well, here are just a few that have found a base in Federation’s building:

Co-op Digital

So the Co-op group own the Federation building, but they actually base the Co-op Digital team upstairs there too! They aim at looking towards the digital future of the Co-op, building new digital products, service and platforms, and helping existing companies utilise digital technologies.

Find out more about Co-op Digital.


Northcoders are a company that are all about teaching people how to code. They offer courses that are delivered over 12-16 weeks, to anyone of any level. With two floors of The Federation to themselves, they have plenty of space for lecture halls and actual classrooms.

Find out more about Northcoders.

Equal Experts

A growing network of software consultants, Equal Experts offer the creation of bespoke software projects of any shape or size. Some of the clients they’ve worked for are: O2, to create Priority Tickets, Informa, Co-op, and the Home Office. Some pretty big names in there!

Find out more about Equal Experts.

The Startup Factory

Based in one of the pods on the first floor, The Startup Factory aims to help entrepreneurs and small startup tech companies to grow. They can help create the software needed to power these startup companies forward and to make their dreams a reality, as well as offer some business mentoring and investment support.

Find out more about The Startup Factory.

Social Mobility Foundation

A big charity with one of their bases being in the Federation building, Social Mobility Foundation is a charity aimed at young people from low-income backgrounds enter universities and careers. This is all done through programmes of mentoring, internships, university application support, and career and skill workshops.

Find out more about Social Mobility Foundation.

Various Freelancers & Startups

As well as full companies, plenty of freelance workers and small startup businesses hire out desks in Federation regularly, to use as a temporary work space. Most utilise the building as a quiet place to work on their startup business, have team meetings, or just work quietly away from the noise, distractions and stress of home.

So as you can see, there are a wide variety of companies at The Federation, and they all thoroughly enjoy using the communal spaces. Definitely an interesting, ever-changing work environment in a beautiful building and all set in the wonderful Northern Quarter of Manchester.

Hire the Podcast Studio

If you're based in the UK and want to rent out this space, then you can! Our friends at the The Federation offer podcasters an awesome facility to relax, whilst we provide you with the setup to record your podcast. For more info and to hire out the studio, then click the button below.

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