If you’re into video games and you’re into podcasts, you’re in luck. There are loads of shows to bring both these loves together just for you. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, someone who works in the gaming industry, or a casual gamer who enjoys the hobby, there’s something for everyone.

But finding the show for you can be a daunting task. Trawling through hundreds of podcasts takes too much time away from playing games! So we’ve come up with this list to get you straight to the best video games podcasts.

We’ve got it all here. Whether you want to keep updated on all the latest gaming news, analyse the ins and outs of your favourite games, or have a laugh with people who like games too. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with this list.

1. Filthy Casuals

The gaming world can seem a bit intimidating if you’re not a hardcore gamer. Sometimes you get the feeling you need to be constantly in the know about every detail and controversy going on. But what if you’re more of a casual gamer?

Welcome to Filthy Casuals. It’s perfect for people who enjoy video games without being totally obsessed with them. This show is a fun and light comedy podcast that will make you laugh while keeping you up to date on gaming news. It’s hosted by three Aussie boys who don’t take themselves too seriously, and who you’ll grow to love. They’ll give you spoiler free reviews and recs for the latest games so you know exactly where to go next for your gaming needs. And you don’t need to be the biggest gamer in the world to get the jokes (especially the dirty ones!).

New episodes come out every Thursday and are around 1 hour 30 minutes long.

2. Game Scoop

If you want an easy way to stay up to date on the latest gaming news, Game Scoop the podcast for you. Weekly episodes begin with all the top headlines. Your delightfully knowledgeable hosts then go into the details. By the end, you’ll actually understand what each story is talking about, and have an opinion yourself on the drama.

There’s something quite lovely about people getting unironically passionate about something, and that’s what you get with these guys. The clearest expression of their video game joy comes at the end of each episode, with Video Game 20 Questions. You’ll find yourself yelling out the answers every time you guess the video game before the hosts do.

This podcast is great for the sheer range it covers, keeping you in the loop on news for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile games. It’s made by the IGN staff, so they really know their stuff in the gaming world. Each episode is around 1 hour 10 minutes long, released every Friday.

3. How Did This Get Played?

Join the team as they play the weirdest and worst games ever so you don’t have to. If you’ve ever experienced a game so confusingly strange or bad that you start questioning your own will to live, you’ll get what I’m talking about. If not, come on in, welcome to the madness! Each episode features comedians Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger, and a new guest each time to spice up the group. This video game podcast will make you laugh out loud. It also gets into some serious and thoughtful discussions though, touching on topics like minority representation and tokenism. It’s got the perfect balance of light hearted fun and serious discussion to make a great podcast.

Episodes are around 1 hour 15 minutes each, and come out every Monday. They cover everything from Animal Crossing, to Star Wars, to Anime games.

4. WhatCulture Gaming Podcast

This is the ideal podcast for people who don’t have a whole hour to dedicate to long discussions. At 20 to 40 minutes per episode, the WhatCulture Gaming Podcast is concise, informative, and really funny. It features lists, discussions, reviews, and interviews - everything you need to be up to date on gaming news. This one’s upbeat and entertaining, so it’s a great pick me up if you need a bit of an escape from the real world (and don’t we all sometimes need a break from that).

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or more of a casual gamer, this is a great little podcast to fill in that time doing chores or commuting to work. New episodes come out every Tuesday and Friday.

5. Arcade Attack: Retro Gaming Podcast

If you’re into your old school games, Arcade Attack is for you. Four London guys who love retro gaming have a good old chat together about your favourite games from the 80s and 90s onwards. They’ve got great tech knowledge, and their interviews with game developers are always interesting. But the real strength of this show is the chemistry between the hosts. Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob are the wholesome friendship group you wish you were a part of. Now with this podcast, you can be!

New episodes come out every Thursday, and are around 1 hour 30 minutes long.

6. What's Good Games

Join Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher and Kristine Steimer to go through the week’s gaming news together. With more than 30 years of video game industry experience, these women know what they’re talking about. They regularly discuss questions from their listeners, so you can feel truly part of the conversation. They’re also witty and charming, bringing a sense of humour to all their episodes.

The gaming industry is very male-dominated, so What’s Good Games is a fresh break from that, bringing some different perspectives. This video game podcast is intent on being as inclusive as it can be. New episodes come out every week and can be anywhere between one and three hours long, so prepare to have a little patience for some of them.

7. Waypoint Radio

If you like politics and you like video games, you’re in luck. This show is definitely about gaming, but it excels when it examines the wider world too. In brilliantly insightful discussions, your hosts delve into American politics and gaming, all in the same podcast. If you’re looking for something a bit more thought-provoking than the average video games podcast, Waypoint Radio is for you.

Episodes come out twice a week, and span anywhere between one and three hours.

8. Three Moves Ahead

Love strategy games? This show is about to become your new jam. Your hosts are intelligent and compelling, and they know enough about their topic to really make for interesting conversation. Three Moves Ahead doesn’t have the waffling and random long tangents that can make other video games podcasts tiresome. If you’re looking for discussion that doesn’t waste your time with hosts giving you their whole life stories, this is the show for you. Covering board games and video games, each episode delves into a different one. They analyse everything from strategy, to game design, to user interfaces. You’ll find yourself spending all your money on the games they talk about once you start listening to this podcast.

New episodes come out every week, and each deep dive is usually about an hour.

9. Play, Watch, Listen

A brilliant podcast for if you’re looking for something more general, this show features discussions on gaming, movies, and TV. The panel consists of a voice actor, a game director, a game composer and a gaming journalist. Each host has a unique perspective from the gaming industry, so they all have something unique to add. They also get into fascinating tangents where they’re not afraid to get deep. So if a discussion of video game plots morphing into a debate over whether objective morality exists sounds like your kind of thing, this podcast is for you. They’ve made it into a video podcast on YouTube too, if you want to watch the conversation unfold.

The podcast is usually monthly but during quarantine they’ve made it weekly, so now’s the perfect time to jump in. Episodes are around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes long.

10. The Psychology of Video Games

This podcast is super interesting for anyone who’s ever played a game before and is curious about psychology. It covers everything from the sexualisation of video game characters to how players make moral choices in games. Expert guests give insights grounded in real research on each topic. The show gets straight to the point, providing a concise explanation of psychological theories and studies surrounding gameplay. Compelling discussions will make you think twice about how your favourite games are influencing you. Whether you’re a budding game developer, a hardcore gamer, or you just have a passing interest in video games, Psychology of Video Games will have you hooked.

Episodes come out monthly and are around an hour long.

Grab Your Controller and Enjoy!

There you have it, the ten best podcasts for game lovers. Give them a try and you might just find your favourite new way to spend your commute. But try not to spend all your money on the games you discover from these podcasts!

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