We all make new years resolutions to lead a better, healthier life, but a lot of us are terrible at sticking to it! These lifestyle podcasts are here to give you that extra boost and help improve your body and mind. Whether it’s healthy eating, a healthier mind, or a healthier body you’re after, there’s a podcast that’s just right for you.

1. Sleep With Me

This may sound dodgy, but it’s not! Sleep With Me, hosted by Scooter, is a podcast aimed at helping you to drift off to sleep easily. Perfect for those who struggle to get to sleep. Each episode is a new silly bedtime story for grownups that gets progressively more boring until you drift off. Usually takes a few tries to get used to it according to some reviews, but once you get used to it, it works like a charm!

Find out more here: Sleep With Me

2. Healthy Lifestyle Show

A good all-rounder is next! The Healthy Lifestyle Show is a fantastic mix of promoting healthy eating, educating about nutrition, fitness tips, yoga and meditation classes, and much more. They also take a look at how some herbs and health foods can actually help certain health disorders.

Find out more here: Healthy Lifestyle Show

3. Mental Health Foundation Podcast

One of the biggest charities in the UK for Mental Health has actually been running its own podcast since 2009! The Mental Health Foundation podcast aims to raise awareness of different mental health conditions, and help people understand how to protect themselves and others who suffer with these conditions. Strive for a world of better mental health for all!

Find out more here: Mental Health Foundation Podcast

4. The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast

Hosted by Dr Rupy Aujla, general practitioner with the NHS, and determined to share his belief that what you choose to eat is the biggest factor in your general health. Find out how you can eat better to improve your mind, eyes, skin, and even general health. An absolutely fantastic podcast to listen to for those who are pretty health conscious. Eat those veggies!

Find out more here: The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast

5. Good Life Project

Looking for some inspirational chats to listen to? Good Life Project is an awesome example of some inspirational content. Intimate and personal conversations with some really iconic names like, Brene Brown and Sir Ken Robinson, as well as some everyday guests. To these guys, every story matters.

Find out more here: Good Life Project

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6. On Being

What is the meaning of being human? What is compassion? Who are we to each other? The answers to these and many other HUGE questions can be found in the On Being podcast, hosted by Krista Tippett. With the objective to not only answer some of life’s big questions, but to inspire the people who listen.

Find out more here: On Being

7. Meditation Minis

Hosted by Chel Hamilton, Meditation Minis is aimed at those who want to start meditation but may not have enough time to do so for an hour. Each episode is around 10 mins long making it perfect to fit into a normal routine, and they can help to calm your anxieties, battle those negative thoughts and boost your confidence!

Find out more here: Meditation Minis

8. The School of Greatness

Join Lewis Howes, entrepreneur and former pro athlete, as he interviews prominent entrepreneurs, health experts, athletes, and relationship experts who have changed the game. Truly inspirational and motivating to listen to, and with plenty of episodes to catch up on (over 700 with regular new episodes!) you’ll have listening material for ages!

Find out more here: The School of Greatness

9. Invisibilia

Ever wondered, why do I do that? Try listening to Invisibilia which takes a look at the forces controlling human behaviour and shaping our beliefs and ideologies. A wonderful mix of narrative storytelling and actual scientific explanations, this podcast is bound to make you see the world just that little bit differently afterwards.

Find out more here: Invisibilia

10. TEDTalks Health

Everyone loves a good TED Talk, but this series of TED Talks are all centred around the topic of health. Join many different doctors, nutritionists and researchers, as they talk about different medical-breakthroughs, well-being tips, and how to improve your health as a whole. Some really useful lessons to be learned from this podcast.

Find out more here: TedTalks Health

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