Transcribing can take an awful lot of time. Especially if your podcast episodes are an hour or so long each, and if you had guests on who ended up talking over other people, it can be a nightmare. That’s where these handy tools come in. We’re going to show you two ways to automatically transcribe podcasts to take away some of the hassle.

Why Should You Transcribe Podcasts?

The simple answer is searchability. Google can crawl text a lot more easily than it can crawl audio, so with a transcription, you boost your searchability and allow Google to fully index your podcast. There’s a lot of bonuses to transcribing your podcast, but let’s look at some of the services that are out there to help you speed up the process.

Google Voice Typing

So Google can actually help you out when it comes to transcribing your podcasts. When you’re using Google Docs, there is an option to turn on Voice Typing if you go to Tools and then Voice Typing.

Make sure you’re in a quiet space and that you’ve selected what language you’re going to be using. Then as you listen to the podcast episode through headphones, repeat what is being said yourself. 

Google Voice Typing will pick up on this and type out exactly what you’re saying. Just make sure to keep an eye on it as it isn’t 100% perfect so you might have a couple of glitches in there, but it’s definitely a lot faster than typing it all out manually.


Another option is Sonix; Sonix is a paid service that works differently to Google. You upload your podcast episode to the site, then they transcribe it automatically and send you the transcript back so that you can edit it and then push it out (because no automated transcription is going to be perfect).

They predict that a 30 minute piece of audio should take their system around 3-4 mins to transcribe. That’s a whole lot of time that Sonix is saving you. Their pricing can be found here: Sonix Pricing, and when you sign up you get 30 mins of free automated transcription before you have to pay.

Whichever automated transcribing service you choose, it’s sure to save you loads of time you would have spent manually typing everything out. That’s more time you can spend planning the next episode, or even just taking a well-deserved break.

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