Automatically transcribe audio and get the most out of your podcast by repurposing recorded audio into text to reach a wider audience. transcriptions will automatically analyse your podcast and generate a text script which is ideal for creating blog posts, social media content, or to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) on your website.

Why You Should be Repurposing Audio into Text

Publishing episodes is often seen as the final step, but there's more you can get out of your podcast to reach beyond your listeners. Transcriptions are a great way to make the most out of existing content. Save time by repurposing your shows into other mediums to attract an audience you'd otherwise miss out on:

  • Blog Posts: Turn entire shows into articles for those that want to catch up with your latest episodes at their own pace.
  • Social Media: Give listeners a taste of your show by sharing quotes straight from your podcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Show Notes: Offer a map to listeners that want to skip ahead and find their favourite part with show notes.
  • Website Optimisation: Improve your discoverability by making your transcripts available on your site.

Search engines like Google can crawl text more easily than audio. Articles and shows notes increase your chances of being found in search results. Content is also more accessible for those with hearing difficulties. Essentially, when you automatically transcribe audio into text it's a better way for you to get more out of your content.

Expand Your Podcast's Reach with Transcriptions

Automatically convert your podcast's audio into text without lifting a finger. Upload your episodes, transcribe, and reach a whole new audience you would otherwise miss out on.

Everybody's Doing It

A bunch of podcasters are already doing this like the Reply All podcast from Gimlet. They pop a transcript of every episode that's split into different speakers, so you can follow exactly who's saying what. It's a really nicely presented, easy way to keep up with the podcast, and it makes them easier to find on search engines like Google!

Get a transcript up like Reply All!

How to Transcribe Audio into Text

Transcribe your episodes by logging into your account. Choose an episode and click the 3 dots next to the episode, then Transcription. This will open up the Transcription window.

Choose the language which best represents the content of this episode, so usually this is the language of the main speaker. If the language isn't listed then we don't recommend using automatic transcriptions. Then click Continue.

A black bar will appear letting you know the process has started and to check back later. Depending on how long your episode is, this can take a while so go grab a coffee! 🍵

When you're back, refresh the page and click the 3 dots next to the episode again, and Transcription. If the process isn't finished it will show a progress bar like the one above.

If the process is finished, it will display your Transcription! You can then use the buttons to Copy or Download this text file to pop on your website. You can also adjust it to show the Timestamps of the lines, should you need these.

Automatically Transcribe Audio into Text

Expand your podcast's reach with transcriptions. Create a FREE account with us, upload your episodes, transcribe, and reach a whole new audience you would otherwise miss out on!

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