Rode are back at it again with new awesome audio recording equipment. The new Rode Wireless Go is small, sleek, and still packs a punch. Perfect for travelling podcasters or those of you who interview people on-location.

Small & Compact

At the time of writing this, the Rode Wireless Go is actually the world's smallest portable microphone.

Pretty small and travel-safe.

It really does help with reducing the amount of equipment you need to take with you when you take your podcast on the road. It even charges via USB-C so you can just plug it into your laptop, or a USB Power Bank to charge it up.

On-board Microphone

It has an on-board microphone, so you can just clip someone up, and get straight into recording, which is really useful.

Tom Cheesewright (Book of the Future) was very impressed.

The only downside to this is because it’s quite a chunky clip, it doesn’t really sit very well on certain types of clothing, and tends to flip about and cause clothes rustling noises. In terms of convenience though, it’s definitely a win.

Connects With External Microphones

If you’re not wanting to use the on-board microphone, or if you already have your own lavalier microphone, no problem! The Rode Wireless Go connects up with external lav microphone as well, so you can use your own equipment too. This will also help to avoid the clunky on-board mic.

Connected to the Rode Videomic Pro+, it works a treat.

One thing to note about this though, is there is no screw in feature to this. As a result, this can end up feeling a like it could come unplugged pretty easily if your interviewee is moving around quite a bit.

Rode Wireless Go: Final Thoughts

The convenient and compact nature of the Rode Wireless Go (available on Amazon USA or Amazon UK) makes it a perfect piece of equipment to throw into your travel bag for podcast interviews on the go.

The perfect little on-the-go kit.

While the on-board microphone is a little clunky and could do with some refinement, it’s still an excellent option for normal interview situations. It also connects up to external microphones easily too. The audio quality is top-notch, but then, would you expect anything less from those audio whizzes at Rode?

Our Rating 23/30

Appearance 8/10

With it's compact, sleek design, we're pretty impressed with the look of this bit of kit! It looks super professional, though the clip on microphone does unfortunately look a little clunky. This can be bypassed by using a different lav mic though.

Value 7/10

For the podcaster on-the-go, this is a perfect solution for those impromptu interviews that means you don't have to set up loads of kit. The only things that need a bit of improving are the on-board microphone, making the mic-in port a bit more secure, and maybe improving the 70m range?

Podfullness 8/10

Super useful for on-the-go podcasters, or as a backup handy microphone in case your normal setup goes down.

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