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Benefits of Private Podcasts

Starting an internal podcast for your business can be extremely useful. You can use each episode as an audible update on what’s going on within the company, any things your employees need to be aware of coming up, and to announce any extra bits and bobs. Saves a lot of written letters and memos going around the office.

As for creating bonus content for your Patreon donors, this is a way of giving them something extra that will give them the motivation to donate. Offer extra behind the scenes commentary, uncut versions of interviews, and extra bonus content. It creates a little exclusive club that everyone will want to be a part of.

Creating a Private Podcast

So a quick disclaimer, a private podcast will not have an RSS Feed. This is due to the episodes being private and therefore them not appearing on the main RSS Feed, but we’ll be showing you how you can share your episodes with the right people in this article.

First off, you’ll need to log into your account. Then upload your audio as normal, by clicking the Upload Episode button, or by dragging and dropping your audio file into the window. Remember, Podcast.co only accepts MP3 and M4A files.

Uploading a private podcast episode.

Fill in your episode details as normal, but when you get to the Publish drop-down menu, select Unlisted. When you click Save Changes, this will upload your podcast episode to the Unlisted section of your account. Any episodes in here cannot be seen publicly.

Sharing a Private Episode

Sharing an episode that you’ve made private is actually pretty easy. You can share your episode in two different ways, depending on whether you have a website or not.

Click the green Copy Script button to instantly copy the script box!

The first way is to embed episode players onto a private webpage that only your employees can access. You can do this by clicking Share Episode and then Copy Script next to the script box. You can then embed this player onto a private webpage and have the player there. This method also makes it really easy for employees to catch up on older information, however, it doesn’t really work for those Patreon people unless you have your own website.

They will get sent to a player like this one!

Here’s the other way using direct links which should be a little easier for those wanting to create bonus content for their Patreon donors. You can either get a direct link to your episode by clicking Share Episode again, then just copying the URL from the embed code, then sharing that in your post. This link will take your listeners directly to a private player that will play the episode.

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