Podcasting for legal services is an extremely valuable marketing tool. Give your firm personality and make your content easily shareable, just like law firm Kings Chambers.

Podcasting for Legal Services ⚖️

Firms providing legal services still tend to favour the more traditional methods of marketing, such as writing articles, giving presentations to clients, and publishing blog posts. While there’s nothing wrong with these methods, there are definitely a few more effective marketing techniques in today's tech-savvy society (such as podcasting).

Kings Chambers’ clinical negligence team, lead by Head of Chambers, Nigel Poole QC, created their podcast, Debrief, with Podcast.co in order to bring a bit of promotion to the barrister's chambers. They focus in on big cases, taking the complicated legal terms out and making everything really easy to understand, as well as having the occasional episode explaining a role in the court scenario, like a psychiatrist or coroner.

We also have the lovely folks from Slater Heelis, and their podcast Case Closed. They focus on different lawyers from Slater Heelis discussing “the big legal questions”. Similar to Kings Chambers, they saw a definite advantage to using a podcast as a marketing tool for the law firm. We couldn't agree more and think it turned out fantastically and it’s already on episode 3 so watch this space!

How Podcasts Drive Clients to Your Legal Firm

Podcasts are a way to share your stories and reach potential clients. Shine a lot on interesting cases that could help others. Clients will be able to get a feel of what it would be like to work with your legal firm before making the leap.

I didn't know a thing about podcasting, so we made contact with Podcast.co. All the technical side of things are taken care of and the finished product is very professional. If we make mistakes then they're edited out so the package at the end just runs through really smoothly. It couldn't have been easier!

Nigel Poole QC, Head of Chambers

Even if you’re not sure about having a public podcast, why not start with an internal one? You could include details of recent cases your firm has dealt with, boiling them down into easily digestible episodes. Then people can get all the useful information they need without the long-winded documents!

Record, Edit, & Distribute with Podcast.co

If you’re interested in starting podcasting for legal services like your law firm, but you’re not sure about dealing with all the technical setup and editing process, we can help you out!

Podcast Studio Hire is just one of many services we offer!
  • Recording: Getting the right equipment can be tough, and sometimes the recording process can be even harder. We can offer studio hire in most places! Get in contact with us and we can help you to find a professional space to hire for your recordings.
  • Editing: The bane of a lot of podcasters lives! If editing seems like a time-consuming chore, we offer professional editing services, to help clean up your audio and get your episodes sounding professional! Get in contact for more information on pricing.
  • Distribution: Submitting your podcast to all the different directories can also be pretty time-consuming. Again, we're here to help you out! When you host your podcast with Podcast.co, you get access to our free Distribution service! Cool, right?

We offer a whole long list of different services to help make your podcasting dreams a reality, so check all of that out below 👇👇👇

Start Podcasting for Legal Services ⚖

Record, edit, and distribute your podcast with our help. From concept to marketing, your complete podcasting package is just a few clicks away.

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