Need to record a podcast in NYC? now offers a fully equipped New York podcast studio for hire. Based in Midtown Manhattan in central New York, the studio comes equipped with everything you need to record professional podcasts.

Go solo or invite up to 6 guests to record and manage your shows with our state of the art purpose-built podcast studio. There are no audio processors to configure and no technical software to learn, just hit record and go.

Leave the technical side of things to us by hiring an in-house producer. We do all the hard work whilst you can focus on what matters, your podcast! Hire the New York podcast studio to record your podcasts, voice-overs, and more.

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New York Podcast Studio Hire 🇺🇸 is delighted to announce the availability of a high-end podcasting studio in the USA to enable creators and brands to produce and share their stories on a deep level using the power of audio.

Complete professional podcasting studio in New York.
New York City has always been the world capital when it comes to creativity, music, and business. have partnered with Gotham Podcast Studio to offer state of the art recording equipment for you and several guests.

Professional Audio Equipment

Hiring the New York podcast studio, you get access to all the on-site facilities. Studio equipment includes:

6 Microphones: Record professional podcasts using the very best microphones. The studio is equipped with 6 Shure SM7B dynamic mics. Well-known podcasters like Joe Rogan use these for their shows (they’ve even been used to record all the vocals on the hit Michael Jackson Thriller album).

6 Boom Arms: Prefer standing up whilst recording your podcast? The 6 boom arms are fully adjustable so you can sit or stand, whatever works best for you and your guests.

4 Headphones: Listen back to your recordings to make sure everything sounds crystal clear. The 4 Tascam TH-02 closed back studio headphones are ideal for quick playback. Audio is pushed out to all the headphones, so everyone can hear what's going on.

Sound as good as possible using the powerful PreSonus Studio 192 multi-channel digital audio interface. Your podcast gets cleaned up, removing any blips, pops, or plosives to leave you with smooth sounding audio. The New York podcast studio setup also includes a headphone amp which allows everyone to have their own pair of headphones to monitor what’s going on and listen back to recordings.

Just hit record and start podcasting!

Using state of the art recording software, the New York podcast studio is perfect for monitoring your audio levels at a glance. Whether you’re alone or with a producer, it’s easy to record without needing any technical know-how. Just hit record and off you go.

Rather show than tell? Record your entire podcast as video when you book through us. Reach new listeners you would otherwise miss out on by sharing your show on places like YouTube and Facebook. There’s also comfy chairs, a couch, and everything is hooked up and ready for you to rock and roll. If you have any special requirements or questions regarding the equipment, then drop us a message.

Podcast Studio in Manhattan, New York

The podcast studio is located in the heart of New York's Midtown Manhattan district at 39 West 38th Street, New York, NY, 10018, United States.

The New York podcast studio is close to Bryant Park and an adjacent subway stop. Hop on a train and get down to the podcast studio.

New York podcast studio is close to a subway.


Whether you’re looking to record a one-off podcast or a batch to fit around your busy schedule, our New York podcast studio caters to your needs. Pricing is $95 per hour (record up to 4 hours). 

Got a question? Consultations are free to ask about the studio, studio processes, or if you have any special requirements. Simply hit the button in the bottom-right corner and fire away.

New York Podcast Studio for Hire

Sound your best by recording professional podcasts at the heart of Manhattan. Hire the New York podcast studio and get booked in.

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