If you’re starting a new podcast, professionally mixing audio or you just want a new pair of affordable headphones to listen to your favourite songs then the Devine Pro 4000 Multi-Purpose Headphones are for you. These headphones have an excellent range of features that make them a professional and good quality piece of equipment.

What You Get

  • Devine Pro 4000 headphones.
  • Straight 3-metre connecting cable with 3.5mm jack.
  • Coiled 1.6-metre connecting cable with 3.5mm jack.
  • 6.5mm jack adapter.
  • Hard carry case.


The headphones have a matte black design which is stylish and professional looking. They have a comfortable, cushioned headband and ear pads. The headband is also adjustable for added comfort and a better fit for everyone!

Devine Pro 4000 headphones.

The headphones come with a coiled wire and a straight wire. Each wire is for a different use, with the coiled one being longer than the straight one, making the coiled perfect for studio usage and the straight better for everyday usage.

Sound Quality

They provide great sound quality for music, great frequency range and volume range. You'll also be pleased to hear that there's no audible distortion, tinniness or other displeasing sounds.

They’re good for listening to speech-based audio such as podcasts and radio. The audio remains clear and crisp with no audible issues or downgrades in quality.

There is no noise cancellation feature which isn’t really a problem when the headphones are turned up to their highest volume. When listening to quieter audio or speech then you can hear outside noise which although not an issue can be slightly distracting.

When listening to audio there is quite a lot of noise spill which can be annoying for those around you if your headphones are turned up too high. Very few people want to listen to your heavy metal playlist with you at 6am in the morning!


The cables screw into the headphones so that they can’t be easily pulled out whilst working or doing household chores.

The headphones come with a 6.5mm jack adapter so you can use the headphones with various interfaces and inputs. A lot of headphones would require you to buy the adapter separately so this is definitely a good feature. If you lose or break your ear pads, cables or thread adapter you can buy the individual parts separately to replace them.

Detachable audio jack.

The headphones are compatible with laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, keyboards, mixers, synthesisers, electronic drum kits, sound cards and many more. There are no function buttons on the headphones which means you can’t play/pause, adjust the volume or answer calls using the headphones alone.

Side note: the cables need to be screwed in not pushed in and there are different length cables for different purposes.

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Conclusion: Devine Pro 4000 Headphones

All in all, these are an excellent quality product which won’t break the bank and will give you the freedom to listen to your favourite music and create excellent pieces of audio. If you combine the Devine PRO 4000 multi-purpose headphones that retail at approx $30, the Devine M-Mic USB BK studio recording microphone that goes for approx $30, and Audacity which is a free audio recording and editing programme you’ve got everything you need to start a podcast for just $60! Bargain!

Devine Pro 4000 are ideal for beginners on a budget.


  • Good sound quality.
  • You’re unable to pull out the cable accidentally.
  • Different length cables/ designs.
  • Adapter included making connecting headphones easy.
  • The pads spin to flatten the headphones for transport.


  • Slightly quiet when listening to speech-based audio.
  • Not noise cancelling so outside noises can be heard quite easily.
  • Quite a lot of sound spill when listening at higher volumes.
  • No function buttons on the headphones.

Our Rating 20/30

Appearance 7/10

Solid, sleek design that look professional and trendy.

Value 7/10

Extremely cheap and great quality. They sound like they could be a more expensive pair of headphones

Podfullness 6/10

A highly professional and great quality pair of headphones that have an attention to detail which you wouldn't expect from headphones in their price range

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