Already got a Thriving Podcast Audience? Then You've Got Influence and That's Worth Money

You just need to know how to take advantage of what’s sat under your nose. The challenge is knowing how to harness this influence to create cash flow. Luckily for you, we've created an extensive (but digestible) course that teaches you exactly how to make money podcasting.

Seeing as how you've put some solid hard work into your podcast, you should expect to make a return on your investment so you can keep up the good work. If you’re adding value then you deserve to get value back and we can show you how. Generating an income from your podcast can help you thrive by granting the financial freedom to sustain a creative lifestyle. Creatives thrive when they have the freedom to focus more on what they love and worry less about money. This course is crammed with insights and practical knowledge (refined by fire) to help you get there!

Who makes more money podcasting: the informed or uninformed?

You've heard it before: influence is the new currency. Advertisers started out sponsoring top celebrities, then they started paying large quantities of money to big-time influencers, and now anybody that has a following in a niche is in a strong position to negotiate advertising deals.

Podcasters are particularly well positioned to take advantage of this, due to the intimacy of the medium and the trust and connection listeners feel with podcast hosts. What's more, influencers are becoming EXTREMELY valuable over time. Loads of experts say that influencers are currently dramatically undervalued. The opportunities are abundant. It's not a case of competing with other influencers (as you probably won't be the next superstar), but you don't have to be.

How many niches do you think there are in existence? Another way of putting it, how many communities or groups of people with shared interests do you think there are out there? How many people do you think there are trying to satisfy those people's hunger for information and for top-notch quality content? It's clear, a whole new world of opportunity has opened with podcasting and we're still in extremely early days.

Noticed how many people use smart speakers now? LOADS! Audio is gradually growing every year, and many believe it's on the tipping point to becoming even more popular as new technology emerges to facilitate its distribution with the likes of Amazon Echoes, Googles Homes, and the like. This means there are going to be more people listening to your podcast, which means increased influence and more opportunities for you to make MONEY!

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This Course is a Gold Mine of Insights and Practical Advice founder and all around audio maverick, James Mulvany, takes you on a journey to better understand and improve your podcast. He's been working in the audio industry since 2004! Now with nearly a decade and a half under his belt, he's launched the super popular broadcasting platform, runs Manchester, UK based music radio station MCR Live, and a whole lot more!

If you’re serious about monetizing your podcast, it’s worth investing in insightful, practical information from the most experienced person you can find. Think of it like buying a microphone, if you get a cheap one then it only gives you poor audio quality, so it's worth getting things right the first time.

As is often the case, you get what you pay for, so it's worth investing in yourself for a better podcast!

Get your monetization strategy from clickbait internet articles and you can expect to be less informed and make smaller profits...

This course shows you, step by step, all the different techniques that are PROVEN to work and that we’ve seen working for podcasters of different sizes. James helps you increase your reach and influence to become the go-to person in your niche so you can turn your podcast into a profit making machine!

Really, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Make Money Podcasting

Podcasters have influence in a market that has deep pockets and is growing, FAST. Marketers are willing to pay high CPM's (price paid to YOU per thousand listeners) because they know podcast audiences are big spenders that make a lot of money and are difficult to reach through traditional advertising.

2/3 podcast listeners have bought something after hearing a podcast advert.

Advertising budgets are predicted to increase 110% by 2020, more than doubling.

Podcast listeners earn 51% more than the general population.

The money is there, it’s just a case of identifying the best way to tap into it through your podcast. You won’t gain the understanding to do that well without expert help. Often, a small change in how you select, structure, and present products can lead to significantly different results.

You don't need to have a massive audience in order to start making profits. In fact, the size of your audience is not the most important factor in determining how much money you make. Rather, understanding and trust are the key things you need to get right.

Explore how you can develop the mental toolkit required to become the defacto influencer in this SUPER easy and digestable course for just about anybody!

Over 15 years in the audio industry has taught founder James Mulvany the best podcast monetization strategies, as seen through loads client success stories, so there's lots of valuable knowledge to share! This course will give you a perspective on making money podcasting and a practical edge you won’t find anywhere else!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help monetising your podcast? You're not alone! Here are quick answers to all your questions about's Influence & Revenue Course. 

What will this course teach me?

How to turn your podcast into a trustworthy authority in your niche to start earning money.

How long will it take before I start earning money?

In all honesty, it takes time. There's no 'get rich quick' scheme here. The course is designed to teach you ways to increase your influence so you can start earning revenue.

Will this help me get more listeners?

YES, we teach you ways to get leads and turn them into loyal fans.

What payment methods do you accept? accepts PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard Credit/Debit cards.

Explosive Growth in Influence & Revenue Begins Here!

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