Podcast.co integrates with the following tools...


Ready to make your podcast workflow more efficient than an Amazon packing warehouse?

Use Zapier to connect your podcast to more than 1,500 apps. Wave bye-bye to tedious tasks by building your own custom automated podcast workflows.

No coding skills required! Zapier allows anyone to build their own workflow with just a few clicks.

Use Zapier to turn labour intensive tasks into smart automated workflows...

Team Collaboration

  • Automatically create new Trello cards for published episodes.
  • Notify colleagues about new episodes on email or chat.
  • Set up calendar meetings to discuss next steps.

Transcript Management

  • Get notified by email as soon as transcripts are complete.
  • Share transcripts with others via Dropbox folders.
  • Send transcripts to WordPress as draft posts.
  • Send transcripts to Google Docs for editing.

Automate Promotion

  • Immediately publish new episodes to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Send new episodes to your mailing list via Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more.
  • Book and manage guests with ease.


Record, edit, and automatically tidy up your entire podcast directly in your browser. Add corrections with Overdub, remove filler words, auto-level your audio and more. Then, transfer it over to us at the click of a button for hosting.


Grab attention by repurposing your podcasts into videos. Make your episodes stand out in social feeds by converting highlights into eye-catching clips to make potential listeners stop scrolling and really take notice.


Tell stories and edit your podcast like a wizard. Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, Hindenburg Journalist PRO offers the flexibility you need. Conduct remote interviews seamlessly via Skype or Google Hangouts. And record, edit, and publish high-quality audio with ease.

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